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Most Common Legal Areas

Auto Accident

5.5 million car accidents occur every year in the U.S. — 3 million cause injuries and 40,000 are fatal. Don’t let insurance companies take advantage of you. Speak to an accident attorney before you settle.

Medical Malpractice

Medical negligence is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. and results in over $3 billion in payouts each year. Retain an attorney who is experienced and licensed in the state where malpractice occurred.

Product Liability

Product liability suits have the highest median settlement, yet only account for 5% of all personal injury cases. These cases are different from ordinary injury law, so experience in this area is vital.

Personal Injury

Was the defendant liable? If so, what are the nature and extent of your damages? Act quickly, as the statute of limitations in each state limits the time you have to file a personal injury claim.

Worker's Comp

Injured on the job? Denied social security? U.S. employers spend over $95 billion every year on workers’ compensation insurance. Over 140 million workers are covered — chances are, you are too.

Wrongful Death

If you have a family member who has passed away due to an accident, medical malpractice, negligence, or intentional homicide — you may seek requital for your losses or damages in civil court.

What Our Clients Say


Denver, Colorado

“I was working on a new building development when I fell down, hit my head and suffered a concussion. I wasn’t sure if I needed a workers compensation attorney or a premises liability attorney. made this process quick and easy”


Brooklyn, New York

“Someone rear-ended me on the Long Island Expressway. I was in the hospital recovering when I found My lawyer came to my hospital room and guided me through the process. Rather than worrying about my hospital bill, I settled before I got out. “


Miami, Florida

“It doesn’t feel good when your doctor tells you that you have the flu when you really have Lyme disease. For months I was not myself and almost lost my job. Without the help of my lawyer from, I wouldn’t have known to pursue this claim.”


Knoxville, Tennessee

“I was in the supermarket and the floor was slippery. Unfortunately, there was no wet floor sign and I fell on my back. I came across this free case evaluation service and my premises liability lawyer told me that my case was worth pursuing.”


San Antonio, Texas

“Why not get your free consultation? I didn’t think it was worth it either until my brother told me that he used to recover lost wages after a work related injury. With, I discovered I was owed lost compensation too.


Las Vegas, Nevada

I would like to thank for providing this needed service. The process can be difficult and sometimes painful, but we were in good hands. We were given support and an experienced lawyer that made everything as simple as possible. 

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Taking The Weight Off Your Shoulders.

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Our Mission

The Most Important Thing Is That You Have A Speedy Recovery And Receive The Support You Need. The Last Thing You Should Worry About Is Finding An Attorney Or Settling Your Insurance Claim. Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting So You Can Focus On What’s Important.

Attorneys Must Complete An Extensive Application Process To Join Our Network. Once We Receive An Application, We Vet All Of The Information Provided To Us To Ensure We Feel Comfortable With Them Contacting You.

Our Vision

It’s 2018. Do People Actually Retain Lawyers Who Advertise On Billboards Or Sing Toll-Free Numbers On Television? Why Can’t Lawyers Connect With Us The Same Way Ride-Hailing And Home-Improvement Services Do?

You’re Not Alone. We Thought It Didn’t Make Sense Too. Using The Same Recent Advances In Technology That You Are Accustomed To, You Never Have To Spend Time Speaking To A Call Center Ever Again. Get Your Consultation From An Attorney Who Contacts You Directly.

Our Process

If You Have Always Wondered If You Have A Case, But Were Worried That You Do Not Have The Finances To Afford An Attorney — The Time Is Now To Get Your Case Evaluated. Accident Attorneys Are Paid On A Contingency Basis. This Means That You Only Have To Pay A Fee If You Win Your Case.

We Have Made The Process Of Getting A Consultation As Easy As Humanly Possible. On Average It Takes Our Users Less Than Two Minutes To Describe Their Accident And Submit Their Contact Details. Our Proprietary Algorithm Then Matches You To The Closest Attorney In Our Network Who Accepts Your Case Type. Our System Immediately Notifies Your Attorney On Their Phone To Ensure They Can Get In Contact Quickly, Wherever, And Whenever.

Our Security

Passionate About Confidentiality, We Store Each User’s Information In Encrypted Form. Your Encrypted Information Is Erased Soon After Your Submission In Accordance With The GDPR Regulations. We Never Sell Or Rent Your Information To Third Parties.

Our Proprietary Algorithm Matches You And Your Attorney, Which Eliminates The Need For Anyone But Your Attorney To View Your Details. Contact Information Remains Private When Case Details Are Given. A Unique Identification Code Ensures That Only Your Attorney Can Contact You. We Then Use Temporary, Anonymous Numbers For Your Consultation To Make Sure Your Attorney Can Get In Touch Immediately.  Your Contact Details Are Shared With Each Other Once Your Consultation Is Over.

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